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Septic Tank & Cesspit Emptying

The better maintained your septic tank or treatment plant is, the better it will function.

Rather than waiting until you begin to experience problems with your tank, it is better to get it emptied regularly to improve your systems longevity and save yourself money and trouble. Failure to maintain a septic tank can result in blockages, overflows, and long term damage to the soakaway, leading to major problems, pollution of groundwater and the need for replacement, costing thousands of pounds. Prevention is the best cure.

Our engineers will also be able to appraise the condition of your tank when emptying it, and provide you with any information you may want to know concerning its maintenance, advice on looking after it and so on.

We undertake waste management for both commercial and domestic customers throughout Pembrokeshire and South Wales. For further details or to arrange a tank emptying, feel free to contact us.

Tank Maintenance

With a range of tankers available, from our 10000L tanker to our Mini tanker, which is perfect for accessing remote and hard to reach locations, we have a solution for everyone.

We will provide you with a reference number for your Waste Transfer Note on completion of the job – these serve as a record to prove you have looked after your tank, which will become particularly useful should you wish to sell your house, or should you experience a tank failure – most insurance companies would require proof that the tank had been properly maintained before paying out.

Call us today on 01834 844 804 to arrange a tank emptying at a competitive price.

Welfare Unit Emptying & Servicing

We are equipped with all the necessary equipment to empty and service welfare units. You can book a one off emptying/service, or arrange for a schedule to be put in place for us to carry out maintenance and emptying throughout any period in which you may be using the unit. No matter your situation, we will be happy to arrange a solution to fit your needs.

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