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Insurance Claim Handling

At Deflo Ltd, we have extensive experience of handling insurance claims for failed tanks to ensure our customers get the pay-outs they deserve. We can handle the whole process – from claim, to supply and installation, to maintenance of the tank once it is installed. Even if you currently have no problems with your tank, we can maintain it for you and keep a record of the work we have done on it, ensuring that should any problems arise in the future you are in a much better position to receive a pay-out from your insurer.

Insurance Claim Experts

We are experts at getting insurance claims approved – a great deal of our tank installation work is insurance related. Negotiating a drainage related pay-out with your insurance company can sometimes be difficult if you have not done it before, therefore it is recommended that you have a company such as ourselves handle it for you. We have been involved in hundreds of claims for the replacement and repair of drainage systems in our company’s history and know exactly how to approach them. If you have a failed or damaged drainage system that you believe may be covered under your insurance, do not hesitate to get in contact today and start working towards resolving your problem.

What is covered under your insurance?

Any problem with your drainage system might be covered. Septic tank or treatment plant failure, damage to pipework and manholes, drainage field failure and any other issues you are experiencing with your drainage system could be covered under your insurance. Your best course of action would be to get in touch with experts, such as ourselves, who can assess your situation and see if you have a claim. Call us on 01834 844804 to arrange a site visit and quote.

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