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What are the benefits of sewage treatment plants

Many properties throughout the country do not have access to mains sewers, and therefore have to seek other solutions to waste management. In the past, this would normally mean either a septic tank or a cesspit, however in recent years there has been an advance in the options available to domestic customers, and now Package Sewage Treatment Plants are available to the domestic market. These have numerous benefits over septic tanks.

With recent changes to legislation that require owners to update non-compliant drainage systems, it will have come to the attention of many that their current drainage system may need replacing in the near future, as they may have an antiquated or failed system. At this point they will start looking into the various options available. It will soon become clear there are 2 options available – a conventional septic tank, or a package Wastewater treatment plant.

The benefits of the wastewater treatment plant over the conventional septic tank are numerous. Firstly, they are the most environmentally friendly solution. They produce a much cleaner effluent (The final product emitted by the system) and also pollute less. They are also much more likely to remain compliant with future legislation, which is likely to get increasingly tough on the pollution of ground and surface water by domestic sewage. The superior of the effluent also means that if you have a watercourse on your property can discharge directly into it, greatly simplifying the process of installing and removing the need for a drainage field, which can be costly to install and will have a limited lifespan.

As they produce a much cleaner effluent, Wastewater treatment plants are also a safer option. You do not need to worry about the contamination of your land or groundwater, or exposure to pathogens from the sewage as a result of the effluent from your system.

Finally, they are also easier to install in space-limited areas, meaning if you have a more confined property a Wastewater treatment plant may be the better option for you to ensure you comply with all the necessary regulations.

How our sewage treatment plants work

The process of sewage treatment in the Wastewater treatment plants we supply is as follows. Firstly, the wastewater enters the primary tank where the wastewater in its raw state is held. This is then transferred into a chamber that is filled with media on which bacteria live. A compressor aerates this chamber, ensuring that the bacteria have enough oxygen for survival and increasing the efficiency with which they break down the sewage. The waste is then transferred into a final tank, which is largely clean, and when the waste exits the system it is at least 95% clean. This is a stark contrast to the quality of effluent from a septic tank, which will be much more polluted than this, and still very harmful to humans.

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