Treatment Units

Sewage treatment units or plants are the natural evolution of septic tanks. Originally cess pits simply collected the waste that could not be transferred easily to the main sewage system. Septic tanks and systems then offered an advance, in that they were more efficient in treating waste and needed less attention and emptying.

Sewage treatment units now treat waste products even more effectively, produce less harmful effluent and are comparatively easy to maintain.

Why choose treatment plants?

  • Effluent can be discharged to land drainage or watercourse
  • Lower costs of maintenance
  • Longer intervals between emptying
  • More environmentally friendly

Low impact treatment plants

We can supply and fit Biorock sewage treatment systems. Biorock are the only brand of sewage treatment plant available in the UK, that does not need an electrical power source. Using gravity and natural stone fibre, Biorock offers a highly efficient treatment process that cause less damage to the environment than any other system available.

The results of this are that, not only will this system have a very low environmental impact but the maintenance costs are also the lowest possible.