When a drain is blocked there can be a number of causes. Before embarking on a time consuming and costly process of digging, to reveal the drain, we can use specially adapted CCTV cameras to explore drains and ascertain the causes of the problem.

Why use CCTV?

CCTV can be used for a number of reasons. Primarily we use this process for identifying the causes of a blocked drain, whether this is a foreign body, fat build up or tree roots.

However this process can also be used to determine the health of a drainage system prior to the purchase of a property. Also during the construction process, a full survey using CCTV can evaluate the quality of the drainage system allowing the drains to be “adopted” by the water company.

What we will do

Once we have carried out a full inspection of the problem area, or of your entire drainage system, we will compile a report including video imagery. This then allows you to consider the problems and costs before proceeding with any extra work that may be needed. This report can also be presented to your insurance company.

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